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Adventure courses

juraventure_vignette_1_aventure.jpgAmong a spruce forest, at an altitude of 1,323 m, around forty workshops immerse you for more than two hours in an amazing acrobatic course.
So that everyone could participate, it is possible to avoid difficult steps.
The Kids, juniors and adult courses are unlimited!

Maximum safety is guaranteed.
The course was carefully built and is maintained daily. All the fittings are made available and checked by our guides.
This includes:

  • A harness,
  • A pulley,
  • Two ropes and two snap links.

Making you way with safety and self-confidence

After the participants are given the equipment, the team provides them with a briefing about how it works, as well as about safety measures.

Explanatory panels are located at the beginning of each activity’s step in order for you to make your way with self-confidence all along the course.


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Parcours Découverte Famille (1,20m)
Parcours Découverte Famille (1,20m)
Nouveauté 2021 ! Parcours Découverte Famille à hauteur de 1,20 m...
Starting at 17.00 €

Parcours Découverte Famille + Grande Tyrolienne
Parcours Découverte Famille + Grande Tyrolienne
Nouveau 2021 ! Accès au Parcours Découverte Famille ainsi que la Grande Tyrolienne  ...
25.00 €

Parcours Kids (taille minimum 1,00m)
Parcours Kids (taille minimum 1,00m)
Parcours kids à hauteur de 1m...
Starting at 9.00 €