Your world…

In order to help you get to know each other better, explore one’s nature and develop one’s senses, Juraventure offers a new concept.
This unique concept breaks with daily routine, rallies your customers or launches your brand new products.
In order to organise your dream expedition and enhance your message, Juraventure thinks outside the box. If you want the experience to remain memorable and to achieve objectives, we need to think about the activities that would turn your business meeting into a magic and unforgettable adventure.
As we are among the leaders in our field, we have valuable knowledge when it comes to pushing back the boundaries and tailoring an exclusive experience for you.

An adventure odyssey…

We aim at turning a human adventure into a motivating and valuable experience. The stay will help you to manage your company, enhancing both your internal and external performances and helping you earn some additional return on investment.
This is what Juraventure is proud to offer.
Thanks to our expertise we hope to find for you and your guests the perfect and original destination.

Broaden your horizons…

We care about your brand and the impact you can have upon your environment. We aim to bring you closer to your customers.
Juraventure organizes adventures and meetings in the wild, where non-motorized sports are deeply valued.
We will do our best to broaden your horizons and tailor for you an exploration which offers a complete change of scene, unique relationships and added value.



Teambuilding and Coaching


« Developing team spirit is, firstly, creating it… »
Our innovative programme aims at developing the core skills for personalised and natural leadership:


  • leader is about being attentive to others.
  • the leader defines a direction and knows how to communicate in order to gain support and action from others.
  • when facing difficult times, the leader places an emphasis on their co-workers’ qualities, rather than focusing on their drawbacks.

Thanks to the creation of an improved atmosphere within the workplace, the participants will learn how to bring out the best in their team’s untapped skills, and know how to act efficiently in the face of adversity.

The training revolves around 4 main subjects:

  • leadership
  • team coaching
  • change
  • assessment

Company Specialisation Training:


  • Coaching for directors, senior executives and business owners
  • Coaching for team cohesion
  • Coaching for performance, thanks to a personalised programme.

Coaching objectives :
Develop leadership and communication skills.
Communicate the strategic vision.
Trigger and motivate change.
Optimise one’s teams’ skills, both individually and as a whole.
Bring innovative solutions to problems and trigger change.

Interventions by a high-level athlete:

This type of support has been tailored for busy senior executives and uses state-of-the-art communication tools.